Gower Sea Kayak and Surfing Weekend

Day 1 - Port Eynon to Three Cliffs Bay

When Llandysul Paddlers arranged a sea kayak and surf weekend I don't think they realised just how many Isis CC and Isis Source members would attend. There were 16 of us in total, with a variety of abilities from complete sea novices to more experienced paddlers. After a short trip to the pub on Friday we all settled down for an early night in preparation for the day to follow.

Jeff and Jet, our coaches for the weekend, joined us just after 9am, splitting us into two groups based on our abilities and what we wanted to get out of the weekend. I was with the more adventurous group who were happy to go for a trip to the east of Port Eynon, while the second group practised their skills in the bay.

We set off initially heading for the point at the end of Port Eynon bay, practising forward paddling technique and edging, two key skills for a sea paddler. After reaching the point in record time we decided to carry on round the coastline to Oxwich Bay. The wind got up a little and the swell improved as we left the safety of Port Eynon bay, but it was all quite relaxed allowing everyone to find their sea legs. The rocky coastline was very dramatic, especially where the sea had carved out strange rock formations and caves.

In Oxwich Bay we found a tiny beach to land for lunch and Jet explained some of the techniques for navigating by using his compass and rotating the map so were knew where we were. Once Graham had finished his giant sandwich with a hole in the bottom, and everyone else had fuelled up, we set off again towards Three Cliffs bay, practising bow rudders and hanging draws to develop the manoeuvrability of the boats further.

On the trip home we practised these techniques further and enjoyed the good weather and relatively gentle waters. The star of the day was Graham, who, even though he was our youngest paddler still managed the 15km trip using a sit-on-top kayak!

Back on the beach we quickly packed up our kit and headed for the chip shop, pub or shower, depending on each person's priority. I personally went to the chip shop with Sean for a well earned fish and chip supper! We all promised to be up early the next day to watch the sunrise over the bay, knowing it was doubtful we would actually make it up for 6.30am!

- Jen

Day2 - Port Eynon to Rhosili

On the second day we woke early wanting to go on a long paddle. We met our instructor, Jet, at breakfast and made plans to go east to Rhosili Bay going around Worm Head. So we set off and shot down the first stretch with me and my brother, Anthony, navigating. By the time we got to the lunch stop we were tired but we still had to tackle the big waves and get to the shore. David did ok, Anthony, me and Glynn all struggled but managed it and everyone else did amazing.

We had lunch then set of again. In no time we reached Worm Head. When we came round Worm Head I saw a massive orange Jelly Fish. Then Jet and I saw a flying fish shooting across the water. We also saw the head of a seal bobbing in the water but soon it was gone. When we reached shore we had the four hour journey home to look forward to. All in all a very good weekend.

- Graham Mogridge