Isis CC Xmas Party

What better way to round off a fantastic year of paddling than celebrating with food, drink and some dancing? We all met at Fratelli's on Cowley Road and somehow managed to sit ladies opposite gentlemen, with no competition about which side was the best dressed, the ladies obviously won.

The evening started well, with Ruari missing his mouth and pouring his red wine in his lap. After the vino we decided to pull our crackers to ensure everyone was wearing their party hat, much to Liam's annoyance. After some bad jokes and some interesting cracker prizes, three courses of Italian fayre ensued, without a sprout in sight!

After we had all munched our way through the food and a few bottles of wine the majority decided it was time for a dance to celebrate Christmas. After a quick costume change for some people, including the addition of leg warmers and fluorescent wrist bands, we descended on The Regal on Cowley Road for 80s night.

Some members of the group were a little excited about the prospect of cheesy 80s music (Jen and Becks) and some were dreading it (Simon and Liam) but everyone had a dance and some impressive moves were displayed we danced our leg warmers off! Movers and shakers of the night were Glynn and Helen for showing us all how it is supposed to be done. Costumes of the night were displayed by both Becks and Seb for their leg warmers and tie round the head genius. Song of the evening was Bon Jovi's 'Living on a Prayer' which got the best response of the evening from everyone in the club.

A massive thanks to everyone who joined us for the food and the dancing: Penny, Becks, Helen C, Jen, Lizzy, Helen K, Niamh, Jane, Phil, Ruari, Liam, Seb, Simon, Glynn, Andy and Gwylim. Check out our dance moves in the photos below, they were awesome!

- Jen

Pictures by Seb and Gwylim: