Trip to Botley

On Thursday night seven of us made the perilous journey between the boathouse and Botley. Prior to the outing I decided that my contribution would be an ability to tell the time. This involved a visit to H Samuels where I purchased an outstandingly ugly, casio, water resistant, digital (I didn't know they still made them) watch for £15.99. The shop assistant asked me if water resistance to 50 metres would be adequate to which I answered that I sincerely hoped so.

So with synchronised watches we set out for a paddle down to Botley. On our voyage we saw many a weird and wonderful beast: dolphins, penguins, hippopotami and ....a fish! Once we reached Botley we stopped for refreshment and a philosophical discussion about the merits of the salt and vinegar crisp, which developed into whether there was much point to vinegar at all. Unfortunately old father time didn't allow us to get to the bottom of that one ('shame' I hear you cry) and it was time to head back. On the way back we navigated past shipwrecks, pirates, waterfalls and ...another fish!

- Paul