On Sunday 26th April we paddled unchartered ISIS waters on the Evenlode from Charlbury to Fawler. Until recently it was thought that we couldn�t paddle this stretch of the river but Penny and Philip were informed by someone from the local kayak club that they paddled it frequently unchallenged.

We launched from the cricket club at Charlbury and just as we hit the river the sun came out. It was a lovely stretch of water and had some fast-ish running water for the less experienced (good practice for me and Nick!).

We made it half way down the route before hitting a blockage (a pretty nasty one including what appeared to be a dead sheep). We pulled the boats out and on further investigation found several other blockages down stream so it was time for some pushing/pulling/carrying of the boats on terra firma.

But soon enough we were back in the water, although this did involve sitting in a clump of nettles to get into the canoe (not to be recommended!) The second half of the paddle was through a more wooded area with sightings of deer and a king fisher. We finished at Fawler and ended the day with cake, tea and beer at Raymond�s.

- Sheena

Photos by Sheena.