Fun Sessions - May

We had a good mix of new and old members out on the water for our May Fun Sessions, designed to allow our new 1* paddlers to have some fun in their boats without coaches telling them what to do, basically a good excuse for us all to get a bit wet and do some daft stuff.

Our Wednesday session started with kayak polo followed by some fun with the Master Beaumont, our very own inflatable dinghy. We tried jumping onto it off the bank, and then we tried launching off the bank holding onto it, which turned out to be quite uncomfortable.

Our Thursday session started with kayak polo too, but took a different turn in that we didn't have the Master Beaumont to play with, it having been retired after too much use the previous night. Instead we had a giant blue inflatable donut I had found on a previous trip and escorted home for the good of the club.

We started jumping through it and over it in the swimming pool, diverting some players away from the kayak polo, and then we took it down The Lasher. But we decided to take it a step further - as we always do at Isis CC - by pushing the boundaries of what you can do on the Thames and launching off the pipes through the hole. We launched everyone in kayaks first and then Simon decided to be our guinea pig. We lined it up carefully and watched it slowly float into place before Simon took a delicate step off the pipes directly though the hole. It was a perfect hole in one! Gwyl then did some acrobatics with forward and backwards somersaults, perfectly hitting his mark, before we all decided to go home and get dry.

Now we just have to think of something different to do on the next fun session. If you have an unusual inflatable let us know, we can definitely make use of it!

- Jen

Photos by Jen.