Maintenance Day

It was a traditional start to Maintenance Day, as the heavens opened and the rain poured down. As usual I decided to prioritise activities, and after opening up I put the kettle on for a brew.

Simon and Naomi, with her family Rob and Freya, joined me soon afterwards and then Niamh, Penny and Philip. We set to work removing all the boats from the shed, carefully laying them down on the grass, upside down so they didn't get full of water. After a brief break in the rain, which got us all a little hopeful, the heavens opened again and we all realised that this was going to be another wet day. Glynn and Helen, Malcolm and Susan, Gwyl, Helen K and Seb all joined us as various points to get stuck in and muddy.

In true Isis CC style we ignored the elements and rocketed through a variety of tasks. Noami, Niamh and Freya checked and replaced the airbags in the kayaks, Simon and Gwyl checked all the boats and tightened up and fittings which were coming loose, and Philip busied himself with sorting out the open canoes, ensuring that each one had painters attached in advance of the following day's trip. Penny, Glynn and Helen added padding to the top rung of the trailer, Malcolm and Susan numbered all the paddles, I named and numbered all the soft kit in the shed, and Niamh and Naomi sorted through the spray decks, after which Helen K named and numbered them. Penny and Niamh went on two missions, one to B&Q for some items and the other to the tip with our rubbish. Rob and Glynn changed light fittings, Rob drilled a new joist into the wall for the boat shelving and then the heavens opened again, this time with huge hail stones. We all dived for cover as the stones hammered down on the shed roof echoing inside.

Looking at the list of tasks we set out to achieve all but one was crossed off - measuring the cockpits of the sea kayaks for gimp decks to be ordered to fit them. Helen set to work on this task which was soon completed and everyone took to putting the boats back into the shed before the rain came down again.

We had finished in record time. Some went home to shower, others went for a curry to celebrate, either way this was a really successful Maintenance Day and a massive thanks to everyone who took part.

- Jen

Photos by Jen.