Isis CC Christmas Party 2010

Simon had suggested that we cooked our own Christmas meal this year at the Scout Hut rather than go to a local restaurant. It was all carefully planned. Then with only two days to go the Scouts informed us they had double booked the hall and we couldn't use it for the party. Disaster!

Some clubs might have thrown in the towel, but like Joseph and Mary, when there is no room at the inn you find a stable, and Penny immediately rang around as many venues as possible to find one that wasn't booked. As luck would have it our 'stable' turned out to be the very lovely South Hinksey Village Hall whose caretaker was more than happy to accommodate us.

So plans changed a little but the Isis spirit remained. Simon went shopping around 2pm and from 3pm we gathered at Penny's house to prepare the food. Paul, Simon, Graham, Anthony, Gwyl and I chopped, peeled, boiled and roasted various vegetables and meats until it was 5.30pm and time to make out way across to South Hinksey to prepare the hall. Helen joined me in the kitchen and our final dishes were cooked while the lads set up the video and photos to view, Mike prepared the karaoke in the corner and all manner of wonderful people decorated the tables.

Our dinner consisted of chicken and stuffing, roast potatoes, carrots, sprouts, broccoli, parsnips, cranberry sauce, Yorkshire puddings and lashings of gravy. Cracker hats and jokes were compulsory followed by dessert which consisted of mince pies and Christmas pudding with custard. After dinner we had plenty of drinks and karaoke started by Glynn and Helen, followed by Lewis and Val, me and Helen, Bridgo, Simon and Ruari and Mike. Time slipped by so quickly it was soon 11pm and we had to pack up and make our way back to Oxford for some dancing.

A final roll call of members who helped out on the evening, cooking, serving and washing up, includes: Jen, Simon, Paul, Gwyl, Anthony, Graham, Dave, Lewis, Val, Glynn, Helen, Penny, Philip, Mary, Hilma, Niamh, Bridgo, Seiko, Mike, Sophie, Ben, Helen, Liam, Neil, Ruari and Jane.

Wishing everyone a fantastic Christmas, and we'll see you all on the water in 2011!

- Jen

Photos by Jen.