Port Meadow and Søren's Palace

The greatest trip in the world (a tribute...ary)

It started on Saturday at 1pm as Jen, Søren, Paul, Seiko and Chris met with the promise of sunshine. The weather forecast was wrong, much surprise was not had.

It ended at 11 hours later...with a trip ranging from ridiculousness to down right awesomeness and took in the following highlights:

LOCKS! Actually going through three without getting out! Two of them via lock keepers, one via a friendly, slightly drunken man we knew only as "the nice, Welsh, river chav guy".

MURDER!...ing a pint at The Perch...after getting there the long way round. Taking about three hours from Donnington Bridge to go up the canal, along Duke's Cut, and back down the Thames.

MYSTERY! Søren had an ace up his wetsuit...(behave ladies). He'd skilfully constructed his own... ROPE LADDER as a backdoor to Castle Søren (which has been unanimously voted the new Isis HQ). Around fourteen foot of climbing with almost-certain metal spiky death at the bottom. And what did we do with the kayaks? Watch the video here.

DELICIOUSNESS! After scaling the wall into Castle Søren and taking the tour of the royal palace, he fed us sooo muucch foooood...until we were approaching critical boat sinking mass, and then pulled out all the strongest, strangest drinks including STROH 80% rum. Yes, 80%. Quote "it tastes like burning".

NAKED MEN! as we pulled up back at the scout hut under the cover darkness around 10.45pm the following conversation occurred:

...No idea why.

A TINY FROG! the size of my fingernail, found just outside the hut... hmm...that wasn't a big finish... probably should have ended on the naked men...hang on...

THE MOON! we then flew to the moon and fought HUGE interstellar bad guys with MASSIVE GUNS. We won in spectacular style, and then THE MOON EXPLODED...There, that's a better end.

- Chris

Photos by Jen.