Sport Relief Charity Paddle

The Isis Source Sports Relief trip initiated by Graham was organised by Graham and Callum. Their local knowledge was called on to find the route and the only advice was from Glynn thus "the river may be running quite fast". Arriving at Watershed at 9ish some arrived to paddle and one came to apologise because they would not be joining us, but after some persuasion they decided to join us as well. Off we set at the expected time - up stream to start with (good idea). Osney Lock was an exciting experience as Glynn worked with the lock keeper to operate the gates. The inrush of water took some by surprise as their canoe was broadsided and they had to stop the flow of water until the boat was correctly positioned again.

Out the other side and we were able to observe the power of the new hydro electric scheme for Osney Island. Once upstream we stopped for lunch at The Perch at Binsey. An interesting rejuvenation has taken place here with a landing pontoon (very slippery when wet). Howard decided to get out on the bank instead, but that proved more hazardous as he ended up in a very interesting position prone on the bank. It is a very welcoming pub - we were invited to sit on a very posh chesterfield even with our paddling gear on!

Refreshed we set out to return through Medway backwater and down alongside the canal. Crossing the Thames we entered Tumbling Bay and shot the weirs. Graham and Dave had their own method of attack which resulted in Graham suspended in mid air over the weir while his Dad heartily encouraged him to 'PADDLE'. Glynn gave them an invaluable coaching tip - that paddling in thin air is not very effective!. Helen kindly assisted by doing her supergirl act and LIFTING the back of the canoe with both paddlers in it. Over they went, not just the weir but into the water. Shame on you Helen! Rodas and Vincent followed next, determined not to end up in the same predicament. Some excellent balance skills were in evidence as they successfully manoeuvred through. We returned via the Bullstake stream and arrive back at Watershed bang on time.

Well done lads for organising such a super day out.

- Glynn

Saturday was a wet but an eventful day. Graham yet again capsized, I don't know why, but he always makes us laugh. But the funniest thing was David's face when they came back up again. I was tired out half way as he got woken up about an hour before he could be satisfied to wake up. The only thing I said was "are we nearly there yet".

Arriving at the pub was probably the best thing for the men as it gave them an excuse to talk and have a beer. I fell asleep, as I said I was knackered. Vincent and Rodas were probably feeling the same way as I did as we hardly heard anything from them either. Overall it was a wet and wet day with lots of beers to cheer us up on the way back though.

- Harry Peach

Glynn's photos