River Windrush

The best laid plans and all that! Sunday was a day of mixed emotions. Starting with much enthusiasm at the watershed we were nine in number - Pete C, Hilma, Cam, Jen, Karsten, Joe, Dave (a newbie to Isis), Sheena and Bridgo. We were swiftly all loaded up and off to the start point in Witney where we met up with three of Karsten's friends making a total group of 12. The vehicle shuttle was made to the finish point and we started paddling at about 11am all set for a three hour trip to Newbridge where the Windrush meets the Isis (Thames).

However, we were thwarted after only five minutes when we encountered shallow fast-flowing water beyond the ability of the group as a whole. So Jen made the very sensible decision to call off the trip - well done Jen, not easy with eleven keen paddlers hanging on your every word. So the vehicles were retrieved to Witney and the boats were returned to the watershed to await their next outing. Not to be out-done Karsten and Joe with their own kayaks got straight into the water at Oxford for a quick splash-about.

It is believed that this trip is still a possibility for the future given the right conditions and personnel so...keep an eye on the forum..we will return!

- Bridgo

Photos by Jen.