River Wye

What a turn out! Everybody was keen and arrived on time at such an early hour. We launched at a good time not only for us but the abandoned young lady on the other side of the river whose group, unbelievably, paddled off without her after a capsize. Glynn to the rescue directing a passer by's open canoe and commandeering it to deliver the worried young lady - hopefully - to her so called mates. Without much more ado we set off and used eddy lines to capsize people - as usual.

We dined on Alcatraz Rock then arrived at Yat Rock. Our outstanding paddlers took to the rock with a few surprises - Oscar, who set out in the Topo Duo with his mum, came bounding across the river as if launched from a catapult, in a borrowed Master TG, "I WANNA GO" came the haunting scream. Seiko, not feeling it was enough to launch off in a kayak, threw herself off the rock several times with no boat as well. Vincent wanted a second go and used the RPM, already loaded and ready to go, after paddling a Rotobat for the rest of the trip. Oh, what fun! On to the rapid at Symonds Yat showing off further skills, with some rapid swimming too, but particularly Rodas showing off his prowess on the top wave - grinning from ear to ear. A great day was had by all. as you'll see from the photos, although some are a little blurred, the river was running fast you know!

- Glynn