Maintenance Day

This year�s maintenance day was the fastest ever despite the shaky start. Simon and I forgot to put our clocks forward and only managed to get to the Scout Hut for 10am because Liam popped over to check on us. Paul, Hilma and Niamh joined us there and we set to work emptying the shed. Bridgo, Malcolm, Rhodas, Pete and John popped by soon afterwards and within no time we had all the boats and kit on the field for a kit check and inventory.

Our newest boats, the G3s and Axioms, were welcome additions to the fleet, especially the Axioms which were still in their bubble wrap and very shiny. Paul cleared out the sheds; Malcolm and Rhodas checked the kayaks for air bags and fixings; Liam, Simon, Peter and John worked on the open canoes; Bridgo looked over the sea kayaks and Hilma and Niamh marked and checked all the soft kit, including our new spray decks.

Once we had inventoried everything we laid it all out on the field in a rainbow pattern and took some photos from a variety of angles. Bridgo and Chris popped to B&Q for some supplies and Glynn and Helen joined us just in time to help us work out how to fit all the new kit back in the shed and arrange the buoyancy aids.

We had a break for a BBQ in the sunshine and then finished the last bit of tidying before heading off home by 2pm. A lovely warm day and a big thank you to everyone who turned up to make quick work of it all!

- Jen

Photos by Jen.