Paddling Taster Day

We couldn't believe the weather on Good Friday, it was 'el scorchio' from very early and the water had warmed up a bit, the only place to be was playing on the river. Great fun was had by all with some of the paddlers learning lots. The morning was spent learning stuff and nonsense and the afternoon saw a great trip. We paddled through Longbridges Nature Reserve and saw the famous Terry Sherlock, not an investigator but an old friend (although not so much of the 'old'), paddling around the island. We then went over "Dead Man's Weir" showing off to the local lads who were doing a bit of swimming and fishing, climbing up the "Hinksey Double Trouble" and ending with some high level launches off the "Danger" bridge. It turns out that Glynn may be more dangerous than the bridge though!

Oh! Lew don't show the video to Val (only we should know why - that is, all those on the trip...and all those spectators...and anybody watching YouTube).

Best wishes all that came along and hopefully some may return to further their adventures! (The Adventures of Glynnglynn).

- Glynn and Helen