Xmas Party

This year we decided that we were a little sick of turkey dinners and decided something a little less traditional was in order, so after a successful recce we decided on Everest Nepalese restaurant. There were 22 of us in total including me, Helen, Liam, Simon, Gwyl, Neil, Ben, Mark, Steve, Phil, David, Penny, Alice, Pete, Su, Kirsty, Soren, Adam, Lynds, Rach, Keith and Dave. We met in the adjoining pub for a drink to warm up and then filed through to the restaurant to start our meal.

Once seated the usual Isis shenanigans started ranging from Simon sniffing people’s shoes and Kirsty showing everyone her gash...on her finger, to Alice sitting in a high chair, tales of dodgy internet dates, things that shouldn’t be done to a sheep skin rug and much filth from Keith and Dave’s end of the table. We all kept drinking the beers, wine, spirits, and even some champagne thanks to Sören.

It eventually came time for Simon to stand up and give a speech which was brilliantly short, thanking our organiser for the evening, Helen, the restaurant staff and, most importantly, all the club members who made it such a good event.

After a short interlude with Simon getting changed into his 'clubbing gear' by stripping down to his floral pants in the street, we made our way to the Hobgoblin for a drink. Again, much fun to be had, not least watching Dave taking pictures of the girls chests, but it was soon time to move on again for the big finale...the O2 for some dancing.

We said goodbye to the early birds who needed their beauty sleep for various reasons, and after Kirsty blagged us some membership cards for cheap entry, we were in. The first thing I did was slip and fall over on my arse, swifty followed by Su who came to my ‘rescue’. But we recovered our composure and made our way to the ‘indie’ room for some dancing and ‘singing’ at the tops of our voices. I’m not sure how long we were in there but indie music has clearly changed a lot since I was growing up in Manchester, and when I heard the theme tune to The OC come on I decided enough was enough. It was 2am by this time so we made our way over to the cloakroom just as Oasis's 'Don’t Look Back in Anger' came on. All was forgiven and we filed out into the street for our Christmas farewells and headed off in a variety of directions to go home.

The perfect end to another brilliant year for Isis!

- Jen

Photos by Jen.