Isis Olympics

I arrived at the boat shed on the morning of the Isis Olympics excited but nervous. I had heard that Lynds had purchased six hundred water balloons, yes six hundred! So I found myself kneeling on the floor of the men's toilet filling them. It was not easy, particularly tying them up and after about a considerable amount of time I had only managed to fill around twenty. This was going to take a while! Luckily Sarah and Chris arrived and I passed the buck to them! We never did fill all six hundred, I'm not sure we even made it to one hundred. However, thank goodness as when they hit you it was like being hit with a concrete block! I did not expect them to hurt that much and I have a lovely bruise on my arm where Simon scored a direct hit!

The day consisted of a number of very professional Olympic sports! The shoes off bucket balance, blindfolded water throwing, the mega slide, inflatable long jump and raft running to name a few. I failed miserable at them all! The fear of dying came to me on a number of occasions. There were tears of joy, screams of pain, shouts of 'cheat' (mostly directed at me!) but most of all lots of laughter and a great time had by all. I will cherish my medal forever! Thank you Lynds, an amazing day organised by an amazing social secretary.


What a day! From the fiercely competitive wheelbarrow race to blind tag where Simon threw me blindfolded into the Thames, it was an Olympic games I will not forget! The weather was a little unpredictable but not as unpredictable as the ISIS athletes and their various run ups to the inflatable dingy with accompanying fairy liquid slide!! My favourite parts of the day were the yoga ball volleyball and Aunt Sally Badger! A real belly- laughing moment for me was when Chris H got hold of the megaphone and proceeded to heckle rowers and runners alike! Overall a super day thanks to our Social Sec and I can't wait to next year's event already!


I worked hard in the months preceding the games and I am happy my training pulled off in most events. I am confident to maintain my wheelbarrow racing title next year and will train hard to improve my noodle fighting technique. Of course, everyone was sad to see fellow athlete Jack McCarthy injure his ankle due some filthy sportsmanship by Simon! Overall, it was a memorable Olympic event and I was delighted to be the most talented athlete of the day! ;-)


Where do you start...filling up tiny child sized water balloons with man sized hands was always going to be a challenge, and you didn't even get a medal for it. Best part of the day for me was the inflatable slide into the Thames, with some people even managing to jump over the inflatable and land face first on the slide. Noodle galdiators was a stroke of genius, as was volley gym ball! The bucket balance was the event which filled me with most dread, because nobody likes the idea of a bucket full of water falling on them. Star achievement goes to Lynds though who is the best Social Sec in the world...ever! She organised it all, managed a group of reprobates and moulded us into a slick team of athlectic gods. I think I deserved my medal for overall winner, and I reckon I'll be ready t take on Jessica Ennis next time as best all round athlete in the world.

- Jen

Photos by Jen.