Quarterly Club Catch Up

Our newest addition to the Isis CC calendar, these quarterly club catch ups were an idea we came up with after watching too much bad TV and drinking too much tea over the Christmas holidays.

We like to find new ways for everyone to get together over a pint and some snacks, and this seemed the perfect way to sneak in some club chatter too.

There were twelve of us in total for our first meeting, which meant we had a good mix of ideas from coaches, committee members, students, kayakers, open canoeists...and Keith. Simon led the way with a few items he had prepared, but conversation was all over the place which is just the way these things should be.

We discussed making the facilities at the Scout Hut better, changing the courses we run to benefit existing members as well as new paddlers, updating sections of the website to help with trip planning, getting ideas for more social events, including the annual summer holiday and suggestions for new kit.

We’ve already updated the website with information about the committee to help you know who to contact, and also added a list of key holders so you can contact them for the trips you are planning. We’ve arranged trips for current members on white water to improve their skills and Simon is working on the list of courses for 2012, which will include a 3* Touring course for those interested in an additional qualifications for flat water paddling. Glynn and Helen have offered to arrange an introduction to sea kayaking, and we’ll be heading to Wales to take part in the Stackpole Sea Kayak Festival. Finally, we have hoodies on the way for those who want to order them and Lynds is working on even more social events.

The committee will continue to work on the impressive list we made – no rest for the wicked – but if you have more ideas then make sure you join us for the next catch up which will be at The White Heart in Old Headington on Thursday 5th April.

- Jen