Sor Brook, November 2004

Sor Brook 1 Waking up to frosted cars was a bit of a worry last Sunday morning as there was an 8 mile paddle planned. Fortunately on arrival at Adderbury the sun was shining and we couldn't have had a nicer setting to begin the trip. Five of us in all braved the cold. Penny and I were in Kayaks, Rob, Penny and Philip in open canoes.

Due to a fair amount of rain, the river had quite a current and was faster than anything I had experienced before. There were also several more obstacles in our way than Penny and Philip had encountered previously on this stretch of river.

Sor Brook 1 Penny took the opportunity to paddle ahead and guide us step by step, practising her coaching skills. Only 10 minutes or so after setting off, we had to get under a tiny scaffolding bridge. Penny and Rob expertly guided there canoe under while they climbed over the bridge. We also slid down two weirs and I was able to seal launch off the bank.

In all, the paddle to Somerton took 5 hours and it was a relief to everyone when we reached the end moments before sunset. For me personally it was quite a challenge but a really good paddle.

- Joyce Bureau Sor Brook 1