Kayak and Canoe Courses

The courses range from the complete basics for beginners and progress to intermediate and advanced courses for those who would like to improve their skills further. Our location on the River Thames (Isis) provides us with lots of possibilities for practising your techniques in safe and varied environments.

All courses (beginners, intermediate and advanced) are based on the BCU Star Award syllabi and will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary for paddling on the river. We have a team of coaches who are dedicated to developing paddlers of all abilities, many of them are also qualified to assess you for your star awards if you wish to gain these qualifications.

Courses usually run from April to September on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. We always welcome new members so if you would like to start kayaking or canoeing in Oxford please contact us. If you would like to take part in a course it is recommended that you book early to void disappointment.