Social and Events

Isis Canoe Club is a friendly club and we like to make everyone feel welcome. We do this by organising social events throughout the year so we can all get together and have some fun. We promote all social events in our members' newsletter, so once your course is over you can stay in touch and keep paddling.

We start each season with a 'Meet the Coaches' evening held at The Prince of Wales in Iffley Village. This is a chance for new members to come and meet the people who will be coaching them, discuss the forthcoming courses, hear stories about past kayaking and canoeing trips, or just to enjoy a drink with some new people.

We organise fancy dress paddles, barbecues, picnics, and we also usually try to end each course session with a trip to the pub to discuss the evening and get to know each other a little better. This is often the perfect way to warm up after an evening on the water.

Each year we hold an AGM, which all members are invited to attend to give feedback about their experiences and suggestions for the coming year. In this way the club continues to develop and we can welcome new members in the forthcoming year.