Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment is provided?
For courses/club trips, we provide boat, paddle, spraydeck, buoyancy aid, and helmet. We do not provide footwear or other clothing.
What clothing should I bring?
You will get wet!
  • Wear clothing made of artificial fibres - not cotton, and not jeans!
    see Dressing for Cold Weather Paddling.
  • Bring a towel, change of clothing, and spare footwear.
  • A waterproof top can help keep you warm (prevent wind-chill).
  • Bring sun cream if the weather warrants it.
  • Footwear is definitely a requirement in the Thames, but trainers can sometimes make fitting in kayaks a trial for those with large feet, so a pair of thin water shoes may be a worthwhile investment.
  • For cool weather paddling, you might want to consider a dry cag, or something like the Reed Chillcheater gear or a wetsuit.
  • For winter paddling, a drysuit is a sensible choice, perhaps with gloves/pogies.
  • When buying, consider how to cool down too (some tops have a zip or velcro to allow air to circulate).
Where can I buy suitable clothing?
Check the links page for places to buy.
What can I expect from my first lesson?
Coaching sessions usually have approximately 10 students. You will be fitted for kit and a boat, instructed in safe handling, lifting and carrying of boats and given ideas about how to warm up and stretch safely before getting on the water. Your initial lesson will be on flat water near to the club, but as you progress we try to vary the venue so lessons don't become boring.
What about disabled people?
While we can cater for minor disabilities, we are not equipped to provide sessions for people who need one-on-one care.
In that case you may wish to contact Falcon Rowing and Canoe Club (01844 216844), who have a 'Disabled People's Canoe Group'.
An interview may be required if any medical condition is stated on your application form.
Can I store my boat at the club?
Unfortunately the only storage space available is for Isis Canoe Club coaches.