The Isis 10: The Victoria Arms

The sun stayed smiling for another great day out on the water last week; as I joined some newly acquainted comrads on my first outing post grad! Our group consisted of Jen, Paul, Niamh, Tim, Matt, Sean, Helen, Sheena, Peter, Steve and me. We happily paddled up towards Maggie bridge with some background music coming from one of the schools (how very Oxford). Then we hit the obstacle course that was punting central and got to grips with steering a sea kayak in and out of the Pimms-drinking lots way!

Once over the weir at university parks it was plain sailing and just a chance to take in the views and build up a thirst. Pocket money distributed, pints drank and after discussing the pro's and con's of being eaten by a bear or badger..(?!) heads were back on. Time to get back on it and head back to base. The return entertainment was priceless... one man overboard, one stranded punter and a kiwi holding on to his punting pole for dear life while his friends drift off.. classic!

- Nik Wadey

Photos by Jen.