The roar of the rapids greeted us as we strode across to the put-in on the Nene. Clouds of spray billowed into the air and the heaving maelstrom of water sent shivers of fear through each and every one of us. Having carried our boats the long distance across the sweltering wastelands to this start point though, there was no chance of us turning back. And so it was, with a final prayer to the river gods we launched out into the surging torrent. We fought through massive stoppers, surfed enormous waves and caught some of the toughest eddies ever witnessed. Clutching her nose as she went over the main drop Lynds even managed to take things to another level, hucking the falls without a boat. Despite the fact I'd been tricked into coming to the Nene instead of visiting Cardiff we all had an awesome day in the sunshine. Jen rolled impressively, Paul surfed superbly, Higgo played like a champion, Lynds paddled the gnarliest lines and I got a red nose. Perfect.

- Joe

Photos by Jen.