Søren's Mystery Paddle

Epic. Immense. Awesome. Just a few words to describe the paddle that Søren devised for us.

It started, as most adventures do, with a treasure map posted on the forum.

We decided that we shoud start our afternoon's adventure with a banquet, so we met up at lunch time for a BBQ. The roll call of participants was quite extensive... Søren, of course, Simon, Lynds, Keith, Dave, Kirst, Su, Rach, Adam, Glynn, Helen, Bridgo, Niamh, Alice, Chris, the other Chris, Paul, Nick, Higgo, the other Paul, Hilma, Paul's little ones Ollie and Ella, plus me.

After wrestling with a chicken for our food at the Scout Hut, we slowly got suited up and made our way onto the water.

It would be foolish to try and explain what happened next using words, so it is probably best to have a look at the photos which should tell you everything you need to know about the carefully concealed clues, the stashes of beer and coke, the obstacles, the hidden football and frisbee so we could have fun at Port Meadow, and finally, the rope ladder.

Once we arrived at Søren's house, his lovely wife greeted us and somehow managed to find chairs for us all. We were then presented with a Danish banquet, topped off with a birthday cake for Lynds, as we were celebrating her 30th.

It was a masterpiece. It will go down in Isis legend.

Søren you are a star!

- Jen

Photos by Jen.