Isis CC Kit Isis CC Kit Guidelines

Please read the instructions below to ensure that the Watershed is kept tidy and the boats in good condition so we can all enjoy using them!


Please ensure that all kit is returned to the correct end of the Watershed and replaced in the correct position. Please do not leave equipment on the floor or hung up in the wrong places. Zip up buoyancy aids before putting them on pegs. Hang up spray decks using the safety loop, and not the adjustable elastic. Replace hatches on sea kayaks and ensure bungs are replaced after emptying boats; these are parts which can easily become detached and lost resulting in boats not being suitable for use.

Green End

Please place paddles back in the racks carefully. Buoyancy aids and spray decks for adults go on the left hand side pegs. Children's buoyancy aids go on the pegs under the paddles on the right hand side. Helmets should be hung on the hooks or the paddle racks, please do not leave them on the floor.

Blue End

Sea kayak paddles go on the top rack above the boats, open canoe paddles hang from the pegs on the left. Spray decks and buoyancy aids go on the left hand side pegs.


All boats must be sponged out before they are replaced in the racks so pools of water aren't left stagnating in them. Removing all traces of water and any debris in the bottom of your boat also means they are clean for the next people who want to use it. Sponges are available in the green end of the watershed.


Each boat has its own space in the racks, which is indicated on the beam above it (with the exception of the Showdown kayak in the green end, which should be propped up against the wall under the spray decks). Please do not leave additional boats on the floor of the watershed. Replace boats in the racks by putting them in the correct order so that they all fit. Boats tessellate in pairs facing each other with the bow of one boat next to the stern of the other.


Do not remove air bags from the boats. These are invaluable for aiding rescues, as the boats do not fill with as much water. All Isis CC kayaks should have 2 airbags cable tied into them at the back. If a boat does not have air bags please report it, do not remove them from another boat to fit into the one you would like to paddle.


Please take any rubbish or personal belongings with you once you are finished.


If you notice any problems with the boats or kit please report it to the Kit Admiral. A notice will be placed on any damaged kit so other members do not use it while it waits for maintenance to be carried out. Contact the Kit Admiral at: .


Finally, it is essential that the key holder personally locks up before leaving and checks the doors are secure. DO NOT RELY ON ANYONE ELSE IN YOUR PARTY! Please fix in the bolts at the top and bottom of the door inside, and both locks on the outside. Our insurance is invalidated if the doors left open.

You can get this document in pfd form here.